" Audience With A Tree "

©Jana Cruder 2018

©Jana Cruder 2018



Our forests are the lungs of our planet, we are dependent on them for our every breath. 

I thought it strange after visiting Europe numerous times and seeing their commercial forests, I wondered is that what my child will come to know as a forest.   Then doing the drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco repeatedly and seeing all the almond and citrus I came to wonder if cultivated GMO forests were in fact our future.  My heart broke with that concept.    The idea for " Audience With A Tree "  came as a lightening bolt, I can hear the root networks. They need those who can tune into the frequency to listen. I've been spending a lot of time in the forest lately.   I'm here to listen.  

We do not exist independently of our natural world, we exist interconnected and because we are in a relation with our natural world. What we do here in our every day impacts all the environments globally.   With deforestation, consumption and climate change we can't ignore these tree beings calling out to be recognized, respected and protected.  This project is in early development phases.  My goal is to bring the experience of the vastness and quiet of our largest forests to the people of urban environment.  Aiming to foster a heart connection between the public and our great trees. 


Once people can connect and hear their spirits again in these spaces they will know this is something we all must work to protect.

Currently I am working with Berlin based Architect Umberto Freddi and AlterArc to create this installation space and experience. Creating video and documentation of Sequoia, Northern Pacific Redwoods and The Amazon.  Along with writings and working towards a projection based exhibition. Where viscerally you will feel as if you are in the depths of the forest, in a space where you can hear your own heart beat and understand the importance of these places on earth.

I am seeking funding and sponsors to bring this to life.  Please connect to learn more.