5ft tall

Marble Carving


This Collaboration piece between artists Jana Cruder & Matthew Lapenta

Is a contemporary take on the idealization of beauty. Beauty once inspired artists to create great works of art and immortalize their muses in stone, bronze, paintings and tapestries. Today we are living in a self obsessed culture made so easily captured with our smartphones leaving modern society subject to the addiction of the immortalized self. 

This piece is based on the classic statue but has been given a contemporary turn.

In the original work the apple Venus is holding is from a beauty competition where she was told she was the most beautiful goddess in all of the world. By replacing the apple with a smartphone the same idea holds true. Is this act a conceded moment, or a search for self-awareness?  Today many people share intimacy through technology. This in itself could be looked at as a sexual revolution. The youth is not afraid to bare themselves and live in the divine inspiration that is there body. For a long period we've been told to keep it hidden from others. But now we can share it with the world at the touch of a button.