MAY 13, 2016 - Venice Beach, CA ARTBLOCK * intersection of Westminster & Abbott Kinney  

MAY 07, 2016   - Venice Beach, CA * intersection of Windward & Speedway

MARCH 25-26 2016 - Pershing Square, Los Angeles, CA

Recycling doesn’t work, it isn’t enough. We’re aiming to change corporations options for consumers by changing the consumer. If the consumer demands alternatives and demands to be able to use their own re-fillable container the corporation if they desire to continue to sell their product will be forced to evolve. We’re asking for disposables to be re-examined, for reusable to be accepted and encouraged in the market place and for corporations to innovate and help change the plastic landscape.    

Follow the artists Cruder & LaPenta as they install a moving exhibition in the Los Angeles area starting 11/1/15 ending at Santa Monica Pier 11/20/15.

    The modern American landscape has been transformed drastically since the introduction of disposable single use plastic in the early 1940’s.   Each year we throw away 280 million metric tons of plastic globally.   Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, it pollutes our food chain, threatens ocean, wildlife and human health and is an enormous cost to clean up. Every bit of plastic ever created is still in existence.

    Hind-sites twenty twenty,  looking back at the impact of the choice of disposable plastic. This installation piece brings the impact of consumer and corporate behavior regarding disposables into clear site.  Beckoning the viewer to evaluate their own behavior with plastic consumption.  To change what is manufactured and marketed we must first change the consumer.  To positively effect consumer behavior we’ve decided to “Ruin Views” by installing larger then life 20ft plastic bottle and 20ft plastic disposable cup replicas into natural environments in the Los Angeles area, featuring 5 locations over 1 week.  
    This exhibition will feature a 20ft replica of a disposable cold beverage cup with a green straw as well as a 20ft replica of a disposable plastic water bottle.   These pieces will be installed into the following locations in and around the Los Angeles area.  Originating in downtown Los Angeles and in following the path of plastic eventually making their way to the ocean.   


Installation in collaboration with Matthew LaPenta of CRUDER + LaPenta

Both Cruder and LaPenta are deeply moved by the state of humanity and our impact on the planet.  The artists have been experimenting on ways to make a positive impact through their art.  Collaboratively with their current projects they are focusing on environmental, technological, political and social issues.