2018 “Natural Plasticity” SCOPE Art Fair. Miami, FL

2018 “Natural Plasticity” Figment NYC. Governors Island, NY

2018 “Natural Plasticity” C.O.A.S.T Santa Monica, CA

2017 “Natural Plasticity” Arte Laguna, Arsenale Venice, Italy
2017 “Spirit In The Sky”(Solo Show), West Elev Gallery, Steamboat Springs, CO
2016 “Natural Plasticity” DO ART Foundation, Los Angeles Installations
2016 “TEXT” PYO Gallery, Los Angeles
2016 “Viewmaster”, Gensler, Los Angeles, CA
2016 “Spirit In The Sky”(Solo Show), Joanne Artman Gallery, Laguna, CA
2016 “Great Expectations”(Solo Show), Joanne Artman Gallery, New York, NY
2015 The Art Classic Group Show Millard Arts Center, Los Angeles, CA
2015 “Informationary” Los Angeles Art Association, Los Angeles, CA
2014 “Grace and Ritual” IAM8BIT Gallery, Silverlake, CA
2013 (Solo Show) JoAnn Artman Gallery, Laguna, CA
2013 Gallery 446, Palm Springs, CA
2013 IAM8BIT Gallery, Silverlake, CA
2013 Photo L.A. International Art Exposition, Santa Monica, CA
2012 “Great Expectations” Artist Preview, Barneys New York, Las Vegas, NV
2010 Brett Wesley Gallery, Las Vegas, NV
2006 Red House Gallery, Venice Beach, CA
2003 High Falls Gallery, Rochester, NY

2017 “Spirit in The Sky”, Los Angeles Art Show
2016 “Way of The Modern Man” Live, Los Angeles Art Show, Los Angeles, CA
2015 “Great Expectations”, AAFNY Fall Edition Sept 9-12 New York, NY
2014 “Great Expectations”, Art Silicon Valley, San Francisco, CA
2014 “Way of the Modern Man”, Born Modern by 72andSunny
2014 “Great Expectations”, AAFNY Spring Edition


2018 CASA Art & Wine Paddle 8 Auction by Sotheby’s “Spirit In The Sky”
2017 CASA Art & Wine Paddle 8 Auction by Sotheby’s “Great Expectations”
2017 UNICEF Gen Art Auction “Spirit in the Sky”
2016 UNICEF Gen Art Auction “Great Expectations”
2015 UNICEF Gen Art Auction “What Lies Beneath”
2015 ART Swagger United Way Auction
2014 The Art of Giving

2017 Selected as Best in Show / Land Art “Arte Laguna Arsenale Venice, Italy”

2015 Selected as Artist for “Elysium Artists for The Arctic”
2014 Published, American Photography 30
2012 Top Finalist, Emerging Focus
2012 Judges Commendation, Silver Eye Center for Photography Fellowship 13
2006 Hottest New Talent, American Photo
2004 Addy Award
2003 Published, American Photography 18

2010 - Current Owner, Jana Cruder Fine Art and Jana Cruder Photo + Motion
2008 to 2010 Freelance Photography Assistant/Producer, 3Star Productions LA
2006 to 2008 Sales Executive, Corbis
2006 Sales Associate, Tran Stock, Stock Photo Sales
2003 to 2005 Sales Associate, Four Windy Gallery Pittsburgh
2003 to 2005 Photographer’s Assistant Greater Pittsburgh Area

Los Angeles Film Makers
Women in Photography
Tedx – Venice Beach
Los Angeles Art Association
American Society of Media Photographers
Venice Arts Council

Jana Cruder was born in the rural mountains outside of Pittsburgh, PA. She is a Los Angeles based fine artist exploring the themes of sexuality, gender roles, identity and human relationships with technology, each other and the environment. Raised in a hyper conservative, religious Christian upbringing, she was groomed from a young age to continue the family business of construction and farming. Jana’s
explorations in art began at an early age, with her father handing her his 1970’s Canon film camera for her high school photography class. After her first class, she was so inspired of the works of Joyce Tenneson.  At 14 Jana said, “ If Joyce can do it, so can I.” From
there, her path toward a career in fine arts evolved.  Jana worked all summer to save up enough money to purchase darkroom equipment
and at 15, with the help of her father, she built a darkroom in her basement. Spending countless hours in observation, creation and printing of her photographs, she decided art would be her path. From her first art show in the local community center in Greensburg, PA a passion and talent could be seen. Following her fathers researched guidance she continued her studies at the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology, the home of Kodak and the Eastman foundation. At R.I.T. Jana worked tirelessly, honing her craft both conceptually and technically while studying film, art history, sculpture, ceramics, and photography in traditional and digital mediums. Upon graduation she moved into the world of commercial photography, assisting and producing for some of the worlds top image makers. Jana’s commercial
endeavors have supported the evolution of her fine art career. Since her first solo exhibition in 2010, Jana’s work has evolved into multiple series and cross medium explorations peaking interests and notice from the press have earned her gallery and commercial representation.
Cruder’s medium practice is photography and film, and she has branched out to include video art, performance, sculpture and installation.

Whether through the crisp beauty of flawless sunny facades, or the raw sepia warmth of conceptual humanism, Jana Cruder’s experiences, installations and subsequent images and videos beckon the viewer into a deeper examination of self, image, motivation and environment. The seemingly prim-and-proper styling of certain works, and the reserved, classically avant-garde aesthetic of others -- all of which exude advanced a high level of craftsmanship as well as elevated sense of irony -- each in different ways invoke both attention and ambiguity. Asking more questions than they answer, her works mirror the subtle layers of social influences and incongruities that people navigate on a daily basis. Cruder’s focus has evolved around the social ideals and expectations built up for women and their counterparts, notably using the iconic figures of Barbie and Ken to represent the contradictions of perfection among individuals and relationships. Drawn to
California by the magnitude of light and vast open space, Cruder found a connection to her sociological themes via her fascination with the mid - century modern design movement. In Los Angeles, the ideal of perceived perfection is unceasingly evident, and there the context grew clearer for her artistic exploration.

Revisiting her roots and passion of scientific understanding of her reality thought the medium of photography and film Cruder’s new non-Barbie works in progress involve flesh-and-blood subjects volunteering for a portrait series that scientifically examines how human physicality is shaped by the technology that permeates and mediates every level of existence. This cross-platform photography, video, and interactive performance project “The Way of the Modern Man,” was directly inspired by her observations of the physical effects on humanity of constant interaction with our handheld devices. She was compelled to pause between the Barbie-based series and take a salient digression into the devolving world resulting from communication technology. Unfolding in several phases, the photographic portraits in “The Way of the Modern Man,” are made through the use of volunteer subjects who interact with Cruder through texting, while she documents them via still and motion for further analysis. Although her findings are less gender-based, the series’ particular take
on the human experience is still very much about physicality, expectations, meditations, disguises, a skewed sense of self, contradiction, and the paradox of observation and isolation in a hyper-connected world.  

Her work continues to gain attention and current works in progress include a 275ft. projection based installation anticipated fall 2020 and a experiential sclupture that promotes healing 2021.