Limited Edition
Digital C Print
26.7x40 (8)
14.75x20.75 (11)

The life-changing event of leaving Ken in the previous series drove Barbie to seek understanding of her role and relationship to spirit. She questions the very core of her beliefs and steps out of her strict, Christian upbringing to search for herself. She examines first, the religious constructs of the standard Christian American upbringing, moving to creation vs. evolution. Discovering how societal roles and relationships play out, she sees how they've shaped her filter of understanding of self image and she begins seeking a higher consciousness. This series is set in mid 1960s America: an era of youth cultural uprising, war, media and musical influences that urged the challenging of old ideas and the embracing of new ones. Ideologies of new, religious yogic and breath-work movements, a spiritual awakening and freedom from conformity emerged.  Not unlike today, this was a time of seeking, freedom, pushing for peace and love beyond that era’s comprehension. Barbie also seeks higher consciousness with psychedelic experimentation allowing her to transcend the external world and discover the true nature of divine existence. This a continuation of the images of Barbie, capturing different phases of her life.  As we follow her path we are reminded of where she is in her journey by the color in the image signifying that of the chakra colors.