H: 74” x W: 38” x D: 36.  Weight 80'lbs

MDF Fiberboard

Metallic automotive paint

Digital Screens.

All that Glitters is Gold ” a piece that combines the Artists mild obsession with
nostalgic nuances with her increasing curiosity of the
moving image. Jana’s golden VIEW-MASTER is an exact replica
of a 1956 Bakalite VIEW-MASTER. This sculpture stands 5ft 4
inches and spans over 36’’ wide. This hand built, carved
and sanded piece is meticulous in its execution. The
golden reflective automotive painted finish gives the piece
a real “plastic” feel.
Inside, on two different screens loops Jana’s fashion fine
art film for her “ Great Expectations Series ”
“All That Glitters Is Gold” A Stop Motion Fine Art Video by Jana
Cruder a series of vignettes, shown on two side-by-side screens, Jana explores the societal
and relationship roles through the icons of BARBIE and KEN while creating a unique
individual viewer experience.

Inspired by a1954 BAKELITE VIEWMASTER.
Comes complete with Retro style golden SKULL CANDY HEADPHONES.

Video is a stop motion film created from the stills of the series “Great Expectations;” shot on
location at two separate private residences in Palm Springs, CA. Video is remote